Hi, I am Alicia Cross, the creator of this Blog among other things. This blog is to help share our family’s love for Tupperware and each other. We do a lot of fun activities together and I love to share them but it was becoming too much for just social media. My children love to try new things (sensory play) and be outside in nature like hiking and going to the river. My daughter also loves making videos about almost anything, so you will see her a lot. I am super excited to share all the cool stuff about Tupperware that I am learning. I recently started selling Tupperware and have fall in love with the company, thanks to my Aunt who also sells it.

So I hope you will follow this blog post to get all the new updates. I am also on several social media outlets that you can follow me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

For the most part this blog will be about Tupperware and cool ways to use it, including: recipes, gift ideas, kids activities, Tupperware company information, and family fun.