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Eco Water Bottle Challenge

There maybe affiliate links in this blog post, which means I get a small percentage of each sale. This does not affect your price at all. Giveaway post at the end of this post!!!

Please note the sale has ended but there are always other sale often at any time.

Eco Water Bottle Challenge

Okay Folks I have been challenged to sell 20 set of Large Eco water bottles but I have a bigger goal in mind. I want to have Eco water bottles in every home, I want to put a huge dent in the single use water bottle industry. There are a few reasons why I think they should be banned all together but one of them is the cost (I will list the rest below). Since Eco water bottles are on sale, 3 large (36 oz) for $18 that’s a buy 2 get one free at sale price. They are regular priced at $11 for, so that is an extra savings of $2 per bottle. That means this set of 3 would normal cost $33. Bonus these can be filled with other goodies like cookie mixed or candy. I will posting more of these ideas in my Water Bottle challenge Event this week. Please keep in mind this SALE ends the 8th of Sept.

Personally I love these water bottles, there is no taste from the plastic and I feel better drinking from it. This is another one of the reasons I hate single use water bottles. So the way they make the water bottles causes it to leak into the water between drinking and bottling. There are a couple reasons why this happens that can’t be avoided, one because temperature changes (yes, both up and down). Second the plastic is super thin in many cases to use less plastic, I am guessing. But at the very least single use water bottles being transported to the store are at whatever temperature the truck it, so you can imagine all the temperature changes that can happen. Finally you are not to reuse these bottle because of the chemicals they leak and the bacteria that can collect in them. So why would you drink from them to begin with? Just my thoughts.

Please note I only recently (May 2017) found Eco water bottle and was looking for a better way to not use single use water bottles but had no luck until now. I had tried all kinds of water bottles but none let my but them in the fridge and sit without a taste, even glass and metal. I always though it was my tap water that tasted bad but it wasn’t it was the containers are was using. Now I only drink from Tupperware plastic, I have tumblers too.

Tupperware Plastic is one of the best plastics around and they hold themselves to a high standard than the law may requires. Their plastic is BPA free and is made from a plastic that is more durable. Bonus Eco Water Bottles have a lifetime warranty too, so if anything happens you call your local Tupperware rep and see if they can replace it. Please note there are some limits to this (like melting it) but they are warrantied under normal wear and tear.

Let’s get back to more reasons why I hate Single use Water Bottles:

Okay so you can see why I hate Single Use Water bottles and think they are a waste of resources. Single use water bottles are not the only thing I hate but I will save that for my next blog post.

So back to the Eco Water Bottles, you really need to pick up couple sets to make sure you have enough for everyone on your list (like the list above). Trust me they will thank you for the best water bottle ever. They don’t leak as long as the cap is on right (see pic), even the kids ones don’t leak. Plus everyone needs to be drinking more water, it is so important to a healthy lifestyle. With all the sugary drinks out there we all need to have water with us at all time, so we make better decisions. Yes these water bottles can go in the fridge, freezer, to the car with no problem. I love popping mine in the freezer for an hour or 2 before I am leaving for the day. I also fill up all the Eco water bottles I can find in the house and put them in the fridge so they are cold as we all get thirsty. Yes my kids only drink water too from the zoo crew water bottles, we have about 10 of them, so there is always few in the fridge. Bonus I have been only drinking tap water, which saves so much money. You can also fill up with water at most places these days because they want you to use less plastic too. Not to mention I haven’t bought juice or juice boxes all summer that was costing me $15 a month just for the kids lunch boxes.


Want to know how to order now???

Okay Shop here >>>> http://aliciacross.my.tupperware.com/

You can use the item number 89054 for the whole set or 89055 for green, 89056 for white, 89057 for red. For the kids Eco water bottle just search zoo crew or water bottle on my website.

New Giveaway Challenge, you can earn 1 entries per water bottle you buy. The giveaway will end once I get to 100 water bottle. Go to my fb page to see your entries.



4 thoughts on “Eco Water Bottle Challenge

  1. I hate waste and the rubbish that fills our oceans, as a family we all use re-usable water bottles, in fact water is the only drink allowed in their school too #blogcrush


  2. This post is so informative. I am actually really guilty of buying single use water bottles, I go through so many in a week and it is no good for the planet..although can’t they be recycled actually? You clearly know your stuff here, good luck with all you are trying to achieve xx #BlogCrush

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