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60 days that will change your life!

There may be Affiliate links in the blog post, which means I get a percentage of each sale.

60 days that will change your life

You read that right, 60 days and only $39 down will change your life. Do you want to know how?? It’s Tupperware and yes Tupperware is still around and no it’s not the same Tupperware as your mom had. It is so much more, with all kinds of new products and updated version of the classics. All the new and fun products will make a huge difference in your life, your family’s life, and all your customers lives. Tupperware has several one of kind items from the Micropro grill (award winning) to Fridge Smarts to stack cooker to all the air tight containers. Not all containers are the same and you will soon once you start using the Tupperware in your kit.

Want more information about why I say Tupperware will change your life? First of all I am not even 60 days in and it has changed my life already and I have watched it changed my aunt’s life too. I can’t tell you how amazing this company and team is. I am sure you are thinking I am just saying that but I am not. I have been a consultant for other direct sales companies and this one is WAY different. Without getting into details of the other companies there was little to no support but Tupperware will support you from day one (right now call me (413) 768-8401 and ask to join). There are so many great people that offer all kinds of support from texting, emails, phone calls, to online meetings. That is just one of the reasons why I love this team and company.

Here is a list of more:

  • Only $39 Down
  • You can earn the remaining $60 of the kit paid off
  • Team support
  • Party for a living
  • Multiple ways to earn money
  • Bonuses
  • You do you get (you get the say yes and I get one too)
  • Earn free Tupperware
  • Work at home
  • Own your own business
  • You are the BOSS
  • Make as much or as little as you want
  • You get a discount on your Tupperware
  • You can Earn free trips
  • Online Meetings (no baby sitter needed)
  • Earn a free car (yes all you pay is gas)
  • $350 of products in your business kit
  • Everything you need to start is in the kit (including books and business cards)
  • Team support from the start
  • Works into your life and family
  • Perks
  • Sky is the limit with your business (be a big or as little you want)
  • Tupperware products are Amazing
  • Tupperware will change the way you cook and use plastic
  • Tupperware sells it self (just ask 5 people if they heard of Tupperware)
  • Tupperware has been around for years (1946 founded)
  • You can sell your way (from partying to only selling to family)
  • You will be helping others live better and healthy
  • Make new friends from other consultants to customers
  • Earn money and possible quit your job
  • You will be helping others save money like with Fridge smarts containers
  • Chase a dream
  • Jubilee
  • Confidence Starts program
  • Gain financial freedom (like pay off debt or buy a house)
  • Highly motivating team (yes my team is crazy happy and loves to share)
  • Join my future consultant group on Facebook for more info

Edited to add: Please those offers are from Aug 2017, the main kit is the same but the bonuses change monthly. Go to my Facebook page to see more info about the current offer.

Okay folks, is that enough to sell you or do you need more? I am sure there is more but I am drawing a blank and I am not at my 60 days yet (lol) and it has changed my life. I only started in the end of June and earned my kit (the last $60 payment for FREE) within 10 days, yep that’s right 10 days. I am currently looking to grow my team by 3 this month and hope that will be you. No you don’t need to live near me, we have team members all over the US. So are you ready??  Go have to request to join me.

My email address is aliciabc@msn.com

Sign up under me online by your self here >>> http://aliciacross.my.tupperware.com/

My Facebook page for private messaging me is HERE

Honestly today is the day to join, TNT (today not tomorrow) is the WORD of the DAY!!!




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