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Making a Magic Potion with Nana

Happy Birthday Harry Potter (sorry it’s a day late), if you didn’t know I LOVE Harry Potter!!

Making a Magic Potion with Nana

There are some Affiliate Links in this blog post, which means I get a percentage of sales.

I decided to make a magic potion with Nana today, while her brother was off with his mentor. We went for a walk and collect random stuff like flowers, leaves, mushrooms, and berries. When we got home I add: fairy dust (glitter), Essential oils, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, twine, rosemary, a color changing (like for the bath), some hearts and butterflies, glitter balls, rose petals, and whatever else I had laying around. I also made a wand from a stick in the back yard. I must say I love it more than Nana did, LOL. I lit a bunch of candles that have been in the closet for over a year now. She thought that was great like real magic.

This whole project was free from things I had around the house (left over from other projects) and things from outside. It was a lot of fun letting Nana make the video and watch her amazement when it changed colors. I used baking soda, she mixed about a half a cup of it in the mixture and then I poured in vinegar to bowl to getting it to bubble (like it was boiling for a fire). I did do it twice to help the color change better, needed more liquid to mix it better. I used about 3/4 a bottle of Vinegar I had in the cabinet.

Here is some of the stuff from the yard and around the house. There is fairy dust in my tiny Smidget Tupperware container in the top right corner, LOL. I think pick the stuff outside can be a bigger adventure like a trip to the woods not just a walk around the block or going in the back yard.

Making a Magic Potion with Nana

She put all the stuff in one by one and pretended to read her spell book (harry potter book). You will see in the video at the end of this post.





Her wand is a stick with twine around the handle and painted with old glitter nail polish. Yes I am all about FREE activities for the kids to learn and explore and have fun with.



After mixing and a magic spell it turned yellow (from the water color changer). She thought that was pretty cool but I think she just likes to make videos, LOL. I had her put in it and old jar I had around the house, I wish I had some potion bottles. Just like a real witch would do and saved it for later.

OMG moms I found this Harry Potter pocket book, I must have this (added it to my wish list). Oh man there is such cool stuff on Amazon that wasn’t around when Harry Potter first came out.





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