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Want to Eat out less? I have the answer.

Want to eat out?? I have the answer with the micropro grill

Okay folks, in this fast paced world we live in eating at home has become harder and harder to do. Everyone has something to do or somewhere to be after school or in the evenings like sports. I have something that can help you still cook at home but in less time. It is called the MicroPro Grill by Tupperware. This grill is used in the microwave so no more waiting of the oven to heat up or the grill to get hot. You can cook good/healthy food in the microwave and it don’t have that microwave food taste and texture. Watch the video at the end and see how the grill works inside and out.

We all know that eating out all the time is not as healthy as eating at home especially if it’s fast food (i.e. fried food). With this grill you can make whatever you want in the same amount of time as going to a fast food restaurant (estimate wait time 15 minutes or more). How great does that sound?

Some benefits to this Grill:

Revolutionary Product

Uses the Microwave

No heating the stove or grill

Easy to use

Cooks healthy food

Cook in less time

Helps those who can’t cook on the stove without burning

Uses less dishes

You can take it with you (on trips or to work)

Great for everyone (from a family to a college student in a dorm)

You can cook almost anything in this grill

Save you money not eating out

Help you stick to a diet

There are 2 functions of this grill (grill and casserole)

Easy to clean

You can make dessert too

Cooks evenly on it’s own

Cook as much or as little as you want (from a whole meal to a snack for one)

May make you a better cook

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Award Winning design

It will pay for itself after not eating out a few times

Your friends and family will love it

You can clearly see how this grill can make a difference in your life or anyone else you care about. I think it is the prefect gift for a college student in a dorm room or a parent that is getting older, who can’t use the stove as well. They can cook in the microwave and stay health instead for eating junk or not having access to fresh meals. I have been teach my son (18) how to use it, he hates (fears) the stove and oven, so this is much easier for him. He was able to make corn dogs and marinaded chicken tenders all on his own last week. Besides those two reasons this grill is amazing and you can cook a meal for your family in the time it takes to preheat the oven. I am sure you are still thinking how can this be that great, well watch the video and it will tell how this grill is made and how it works so well. This new technology is amazing and cooks your food evenly on its own.

I love the idea that you can eat better and save money not going out to eat multiple times a week. So how many times a week do you go out? how much do that cost? now do the math. How long will it take for the grill to pay for itself, not to mention you won’t waste as much food if you grocery shop too. I know I was like that I would buy food to make and never get to it before it would spoil. I have found that fridge smart containers also count down on the waste big time (here’s a link to my other blog post about saving money). So have I sold you on one yet?? If so you can order one here, or message me on FB or text message me at (413)768-8401. I do promise it will be worth every penny.

I would like to add that Tupperware warranties most of their products including this one, so if you have a problem from normal use they will fix it. This is for the lifetime of the product too. See the link in the list above.

Here is a great video from Tupperware the breaks down how the grill works and why its so great.

I have a Pinterest Board with more info and recipes

If you already have one comment what your favorite things about your Micropro Grill.



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