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26 Free things to do with the family this Summer

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26 free things to do with the family this summer

As a stay/work at home mom I am always looking for things to do with the kids during the summer. So I thought I would share a few of the things I do with my kids that are free. Disclaimer, free just means no cost to get in. These ideas don’t include cost of gas or food that you may need.

1. Go to the local river and play in the water. My middle guy, Neno is obsessed with the river he loves to move rocks and swim. Both are great for Sensory input.

2. Bike riding is our family’s next favorite thing to do, again great sensory input

3. Walking around the block or to the local store for milk instead for driving across town to the grocery store.

4. Hike up the local mountain, we have 2 of them that are free to walk up.

5. Walk to a local park to play or park outside a paid park and walk in. We do this at the Look Park in Northampton because $7 a car is too much.

6. Watch a thunderstorm from the porch or go chase it in the car. Yes we storm chase a lot as a family, even with grandma.

7. Have a movie night in the house with one of your kids favorite movies. Make popcorn and snacks and have camp out in the living room. We like to watch learning show on Netflix as a family.

8. Garden, I get a lot of my plant for my compost reseeding after the winter (so it’s free).

9. Go for a walk in a park or by the river picking up trash, me and neno do this in spring.

10. Find a free local event, Facebook is full of them for each town.

11. Dance in the rain or set up the sprinkler and get wet. I like the rain better because it’s free and not wasteful.

12. Go to the local farmer’s market and look around (you don’t need to buy anything).

13. Make some home made ice cream or Popsicle. Tupperware has a great stuff to make these with if you don’t have them already. If not, shop here.

14. Nature Scavenger Hunt, find a list on Pinterest or make one on your own.

15. Go and Visit a elderly neighbor or family member. They would love the company even if it’s just a few minutes.

16. Chase a Rainbow after a summer rain shower, we do this almost every time. Here is a link to one of our videos from spring.

17. One my middle guys other favorite things is to go and find water falls. If you goggle your state and waterfalls then should be a list and ranking of all of them in your state. Most are free to get into or at least the smaller ones are.

18. Make a science experience or make some art with stuff you have around the house. I have been making slime with the kids almost weekly. Again Pinterest is full of ideas.

19. Have a dance party, my daughter got a speaker and lights for Christmas and the kids love it. Here is a link to get this speaker on amazon,

20. Find some local Fireworks, I know lots of towns have them around the 4th but there are some that have them for other reasons all summer. By the beach some towns have them every week, like Hampton Beach they are every weds all summer.

21. Bake or Cook something as a family.

22. Watch something take off or land, like hot air balloon, helicopter, or an airplane.

23. Let your kid(s) teach you something, my kids like to teach my about minecraft all the time. I listen and learn enough to be able to have fun and talk with them.

24. Take your camera outside and take picture of nature, my son loves this.

25. Feed the ducks at a local pond.

26. Enter a free contest with the kids like this one on my last blog post.

Bonus idea: Have a Tag sale, this one will help you clean out old stuff and make some spending money.

Hope you all have a great summer vacation and have lots of fun with your family. Please feel free to add to my list on the comments or tag me on social media with your photos.



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