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Back to School with Tupperware

Please Remember these sales are time limited and may not be available after a certain date. There so many be Affiliate links in the blog, which means I get a percentage of each sale.

Alicia Cross Tupperware July Back to school sale and event

Who is getting ready for back to school ready? I am, I find it easier to do it slowly with 3 kids (2 in grade school and 1 in college). I like to get a couple things at a time to spread out the cost through out the summer. I am doing the same with Tupperware, I have so many things I want for the kids for their lunch and snacks. With 3 kids, I have to get a bunch of stuff to replace all my cheap plastic stuff (yes even my Rubbermaid that is all discolored). I only recently found Tupperware and how safe their plastic is for me and my family. I have 2 with Autism and other issues, so the less chemicals in their body the better.

Let’s talk a minute about what you need for inside your kid’s lunch box:

Water Bottle (I want my kids to drink more water but waste less plastic)

Sandwich Keeper (which can be used for snacks too)

Snack Cups (I love these for applessauce, save money and waste less plastic)

Mini Snacks cups (this can be for dressing or dip)

Banana Keeper (no more gross bananas)

Wonder Bowl (for fruits or veggies)

There is also a Mom Lunch box set to add on to your order when you spend $65 (see photo below). This set has the lunch box, sandwich keeper, snack cup, and Lunch it container. Don’t forget a water bottle for you, it will change your life (we have 3 different size). You will drink more and waste less plastic and save loads of money. I love how great the water taste in mine, here is my Instagram post yesterday.


So who wants to shop with me??? I have a Facebook event to show case all the cool back to school sales.

In the event I am having a coloring contest for the kiddos to enter. This is spin off of Tupperware’s contest that ends on the 24th. Mine will end on the 8th of Aug and you can use the same photo to enter mine. All you need to do is print one of the pictures (or all of them, they are super cute) and have a kiddo color it and post it in my event with a name on it. I will pick a winner by random numbers given as time of entry.

Here are couple of the items that want to get:


You can either order them for me in the event directly with FB pay or you can order them right on online at my Tupperware website.

Here is a video of the zoo crew water bottles I just made.



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