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5 tips on how to save money on your Grocery bill

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5 tips on how to save money on your grocery bill each month

As we all know we all spend a great deal of our monthly budget on Groceries (food and household items) and still may not have enough, I know I struggle with this. So I have been working on ways to make the food last longer, spend less, and make money back shopping. These can be time consuming but wasting money and food is not something I like or want to do.

These are all the things I personally use. I also garden a bit in the summer and eat less meat to cut down my food bill.

#1. Ibotta

I love, love, love, this app and I use it all the time, I make an extra $25 to $200 a month from shopping. This amount varies so much because of the bonuses offered each month is different and I try to only buy the items I will use. Yes, this is only from shopping, I have yet to make any referrals. This app has a huge variety of items from food, hotels, cleaning supplies, and more. So I would suggest trying it out for a couple months as least and if it’s not you uninstall it. You will get a bonus after only redeeming a couple rebates (see the ad in the side bar). The rewards are great with this app too but I put mine in my paypal each month to it back in my budget. I like that there is a money value for each rebate, no point to add up to a reward. I feel like it is harder to reach the points than with cash value rebates.

#2. Mypoints

My points is a computer program that rewards you to shop and use coupons. I don’t online shop that often so I only use this for printing coupons. You can earn points for use each coupon and a bonus the more you use. Now I love coupons so this is a win win for me, the points may take longer to get a reward but I use those for Amazon card for Christmas each year. Bonus tip watch the sale and match the coupons up, try using store coupons with regular coupons for more savings and the rebate apps. No you don’t need to be an extreme couponer, which by the way I think is fake. LOL

#3. Tupperware Fridge Smart

Yes, these containers are that amazing. You will waste much less fresh fruit and veggies over time. Fridge Smart contains are amazing and can keep your food fresher longer, up to 2 months (see the photo). These is great for those of you who buy in bulk or only when it’s on sale. I love to buy things on sale but things would go bad before I would get to them. Not any more with the Fridge Smart contains, there are all size and easy to use. You put your fruit or veggies in the container and put it on the right vent setting, which is on the container itself, that’s it. I also pick them right from the garden and put them into my container. 2 Months in the Fridge

#4. Cartwheel

I use my Cartwheel app from target to get extra saving on groceries and cleaning supplies. If you can take the time you can use the app, coupons, sale, and a rebate on some items, you can save big. You can also do this at other stores too like walgreens but the Cartwheel has the most discounts across the store (including toy and clothes). So I always check Ibotta then go to Cartwheel and check all the matching items then go and print matching coupons.  I also use my red card for the extra % off taxable items.

#5. Walmart app

I use the Walmart Savings Catcher part of the Walmart app. This app lets you scan in your receipt and it will match all the lowest prices (including sales) for all store within a certain area. Now I try to go to which what store has the sale but the Ibotta app offers a LOT of walmart only rebates (they are usually higher valued too), so I do shop there to use all the bonuses. This way I do get the sale price but it does take a few days to load. I have only figured out how to get Walmart cards for these savings but I use that to buy clothes and shoes for the kids. Bonus they do match all prices, even toys and such. I also use coupons at Walmart. Fun fact I scan my mom’s receipts too for more savings, since she won’t use it. You have I think 7 days to scan the receipt in but I like to do it right away so I don’t forget.

Okay so you can see how this can take time but save a lot of money and even make money back. Side note: if you see those coupons that print at the register take them all, you can use them at most stores (I also take other peoples, LOL). These coupons can be high valued and on what you buy regularly. My family of 4 only has $400 a month for food, so it does work. Keep in mind I have 2 with Autism and 2 with Diabetes so we have diet needs that have to be met. I have a such limited budget (or so I think) so I try to manager the best I can to make it work. Honestly these apps work the best for me, I do have others like Savingstar, Checkout 51, shopkicks, receipt pal and I haven’t been able to get much use out of them over the last few years.

Remember every little bit counts and will add up to be a lot in the end.


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