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Tupperware’s OMG (must see) Host Gift for July 15 to 28, 2017

Tupperware's OMG Host Gift for July 2017

Okay folks, there is a new Host gift for the last 2 weeks of July and you get to see before you can earn it. Why I am I sharing this now? because you need to book your party now before they fill up and you miss out this amazing host gift. I know many of you were wanting this MicroPro-Grill but was worried about the price, well here is your chance to get it for FREE or only $49. I will tell you this MicroPro-Grill is amazing, I will be posting a video in the next 2 days using it. There is also the other Great host gift, which I should be getting any day now (waiting is not fun). I fell in love with the Picnic set (all of it) and had to have it for me and my kids but the MircoPro-Grill is also an amazing offer and will change the way you cook. I can’t wait to demo both of these to you all on my FB page.


Okay so how do you Earn the Grill? as you can see from the info-graph above you can get it for FREE with a $750 (USA) and 2 friends pick a date to have their own party. Not to worry you can also earn it for $49 with a $600 (USA) party and 2 dates (that is about 75% off). You will also get the tote bag, date and host gift (with a $175 party), and the bigger your party the more half-price item you earn too. Please remember this is a time limited offer, ends on July 28, 2017.

So what do you need to do next? You need to message me on FB and set up a date for your party before the 28th of July, this can be a fb party, text party, or a house party. We can talk about what is best for you to get the most out of your party. You can also go to my Tupperware Website and click date a party for more then click contact me. I will say FB is probably faster because I am on FB all day, lol.




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