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July Say Yes offer, now is the time to sign up.

July Say Yes Bonus and Why you should join my Tupperware Team.png

I made a new Support group for Future consultants on FB, here is the link.

It’s July now, which means there is a new Say Yes offer for all new recruits.  I am hopping to start this month running with at least one new team member a week. I really want to help others make a better living with this company (loving what they do). I know I am only on my second week with Tupperware but I am passed level 2 already (only took me 12 days). What does that mean? It means I earned a free gift (another Fridge Smart for my kit) on level 1 and level 2 is the remaining payment for my kits is paid off ($60). Plus whatever money I made for my 2 parties. Now no worries though, you do have 60 days to reach that level and get the rest of the kit paid off. I was lucky to have a family and friends that support my journey and love Tupperware to boot. Two standard parties is all it really all it takes to get to level 2.

I am sure you are thinking my friends and family won’t buy anything from me but you never know until you ask. So if you are unsure, call or text a couple people and ask them “have to heard of Tupperware?” or “would you come to party if I had one?” The worst thing is they say no but I am sure they won’t Tupperware is a well known product since the 50’s but many people do not know it is still around. This means you can sell it like crazy because the market is WIDE open, unlike other Sales companies out there (yes, I have tried a few over the years with no luck). Honestly I made more in these two week than I did on months of those other companies.

Okay so have you decided to join my team yet?

Do you want to know what is in the Business Kit? Your in luck I have a video of my kit opening last month. I will also post photo with a list of all the cool stuff you get for the starter price of $39 plus tax and again once you get to level 2 the last $60 will be paid off.


Here is a break down and price (i.e value) of each piece. There is also a Say Yes bonus for each month and July’s is a Mandoline for $20 and another bonus for $30 after your first $500 in sale. Now let’s get honest, you may think $500 is a lot but that is an average party with only a few people. So that would be super easy to get within your first month or even your first 2 weeks. Right??





Now let’s talk about why you should join Tupperware, number reason is we are a big family. There is a great deal of support and training that happens all the time (online or in person) for anyone that needs it. This means you can go to training more than once or ask for help as often as you need it. Next is the Tupperware company is self, they love their consultants, manager, directions, employees, customers, and more. They treat everyone so well and have so many ways for you to sell Tupperware (see photo below) and start your business. I will have a blog post all about the greatness of the Tupperware company later this month. Next you can change your families life by being able work at home, especially for those who need to be a home with little ones or special needs kids (like me). As you can see below there are many ways to earn and have parties, you just pick the one that fits you the best and see where it takes you. I am working mostly online at the moment because I have 2 little one and no one to baby sit right now but I hope to change that soon. You may think I can’t host a party, I can’t talk to people but you can and you will (once you love the product it becomes that much easier to talk about). It does take some practice to have parties and talking to people but there is a lot of training and practice for that, which is available on a regular basis.



So there is no real good reason not to join, right?

$39 to start is such a little amount of money to start your own business (right?) with such as great company that supports their consultants and not just leaving them on their own. Once you join there are all kinds of more bonus that I have not listed here because they are always changing and you need to join to see them.

Do you have any more question? I can answer them and if I can’t my up-line is amazing and will find the answer. Feel free to message me on Facebook, or go to my site and click join, or text me at (413) 768-8401 or comment here any questions.


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