Making Slime with Nana

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Making Slime with Nana

As we all know kids love to play with slime and now making it at home is easier. I have never made slime at home before, so I thought I would try a few recipes with Nana while her brother is gone to grandma’s house. I will say that slime is not cheap at all, especially if it doesn’t work. I tried 5 recipes and sadly most did not work out as seen in the blog post or recipe Photos.

UPDATED: you need Contact Solution with Boric Acid in it for the Slime to work. I use regular solution because NO one ever said a certain kind so here is the info!!!

I started with a list of items I needed to make a variety of slime. First of all a BIG bottle of Elmer’s glue is probably the best bet because its the most cost effective ($14 of a gallon) and you can make a lot of slime over time. I also had bought a box of Borox and some liquid starch, I did get mine at Walmart (it was the cheapest). The rest may be stuff already in your house, except the contact solution (which was not cheap). All and all this was an expensive experience but she loved it and had been bugging me for weeks to make it. One thing off her summer bucket list, LOL.

I found many of my slime recipes on Pinterest, of course, that’s where all cool stuff is these days. Here is my Slime board.

The first one we made was with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup liquid glue, 1/2 liquid starch. It was pretty easy I mixed the water and glue first then added the corn starch and mixed well. The recipe came from Buggy and Buddy blog about Ocean Slime Recipe. We didn’t add anything to it because it was the first time making, but next thing I will add glitter and food coloring.


As you can see my Tupperware Impressions Bowls are great for the mixing, along with the measuring cups (both are top sellers for good reason too!). You can get a set here >>> http://aliciacross.my.tupperware.com/



Next we made the slime with the borax, which I suggest to be careful with if your skin is sensitive. It one was okay, a little stick for my liking but Nana loved it. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of glue and 1/2 water, then add color or glitter and mix well. In another bowl mix a cup of water and teaspoon of Borax. Then I slowly poured the glue mixture into the other bowl while nana mixed it. I did have to do a finally strong mix to get it too not be so watery. For more information go to Handmade Slime Recipe.


Third we made the Elmer’s Glue Slime, like on the Ads. This one uses Glue, baking soda, and contact solution. Here is the recipe but sadly this one sucked so bad. I did retry it to see if I messed it up but it came out the same, so I added a 1/4 cup liquid starch. The extra liquid starch was a BIG help to make it more solid.


Next we made a Starburst slime with some of Nana extra Easter candy. I only has 53 starburst and the recipe calls for big bag, so lessened everything else. Here is the link to that blog post. I also heat them up in the microwave for 30 seconds then 30 more seconds, worked fine. This slime hardened up as it cool and was hard as a rock by the time I recorded the video, the blog post does say to reheat it for 10 seconds to make it softer again. The thing is I still wouldn’t call it slime it was more like silly putty but Nana like it. She was dying to eat it because it was edible (yes that is the once bit she will eat, lol). Sorry the pic is blurry, she was moving too much.


Last one we made was a Fluffy Slime, which did not come out fluffy at all. This recipe has Glue, shaving cream, and liquid starch but it not easy to mix. The recipe and directions are at Schooling a Monkey. Our slime is still stringy as you can see in the video at the end.



Please note in this photo how the measuring spoons lay flat on the table while you wait to use them. I know most are round and do not that, this is a great thing for those of us who cook with kids or like to prepare everything before cooking.


Finally you can see the video Nana made of how they are turned out, she is too cute!! She definitely loves the camera and video to share her thoughts with everyone. I said Corn starch a couple times, it is liquid starch not corn starch, sorry!!


Here is the video her brother made, making slime with the right stuff (named above) the first time, the second time I tried cheaper glitter glue and it failed. Then I tried regular glue with glitter added and that one was a little stiff but the white glue is thicker than the clear glue and glitter glue, just a thought.



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