My Crazy Awesome Family Introduction

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Welcome to My Crazy Awesome Family Blog, this blog was created to share all things about my life and more important my family. This blog is to help my whole family share more about all our interest from Selling Tupperware to Cooking to Family Activities. I already share a lot of what we do on social media but I really wanted to get the rest of my family involved in Blogging. I believe that Blogging is a great way to express your self and get more in-depth than just posting on social media. I have blogging for a few years now over at Analina Rag Dolls, which is my other home business. Yes, I do way too much on a daily basis but I love to be busy and support my family.

My #1 goal for this blog is to share our family love for Tupperware, yes it has become a family business, we all sell it. There will be videos, demos, family fun ideas, and other home ideas. My kids love to make videos and try new things especially sensory play (2 of my kids have Autism). We will try not to only sell you products but give ways to use them all that you may not have thought of like recipes and storage. I have started a pinterest account if you want to follow me >>> Here.

My #2 goal is to show you how great the Tupperware products are and why they are such a great company to work for. You may be surprised at some of the fact about Tupperware and how Eco-friendly the company is. Yes, it is still plastic but it is not regular old plastic from any store. With that said, I will have a blog post about this in July!!

My #3 goal is to have one blog to share all my fun information!!

Finally I hope that you all will enjoy this blog, it should be fun and positive.


Here is a list of some the stuff I will be sharing:



Demo Videos

Sensory play

Food Storage

Family activities


Do it yourself

Easy Cooking

Microwave Cooking

Family nights


Getting outside with kids

My family


Affiliate Links

Working at Home

Balancing Family and Work

Partying for a living with Tupperware

Home Business ideas

Autism Mom

Fun ways to learn

Trending topics

And much much more!!!




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